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Famous People That Died Without a Will

You would have to think that famous people, with all of the advice and money they have around them, would be sensible enough to have their estate planning done. Here are some examples of well known people that didn’t have their estate in order when they passed away:

Howard Hughes: One of the most publicly followed cases of having no estate planning in place, it was finally proven that all of the alleged wills that surfaced, or were claimed to exist, were phony. Despite being an achieved businessman, investor, and philanthropist, he died intestate. Lengthy court battles finally resulted in his 2.5 billion dollar estate being split between 22 cousins.

James Brown: Here’s an example of life changes happening, but forgetting to update your estate planning. He got married for the 4th time, and forgot to update his will. While he wanted to leave more than $100M to benefit poor and needy children, the mistakes resulted in his wishes not being properly fulfilled.

Sonny Bono: Both (separately), Cher, and an alleged illegitimate child, went after his estate when he had an untimely ski accident. No will was in place, so his third wife had to defend his estate.