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What are the Things a Will cannot Achieve?

Like most things (and people), there are certain limitations on what they can achieve for you. For instance, property or accounts that you hold jointly because of agreement or because you are married, or if you are a joint tenant with someone on property ownership, then upon your demise the property or account is transferred to them.

Also, you cannot give instructions for illegal conduct, or give instructions not to pay the proper taxes that fall of the the estate probate proceedings. There are limitations on what things can be imposed for conditional gifts, for instance a will cannot bequest a gift that is conditional upon the recipient getting married, divorced, or being force to change religion.

Also, the guardianship of your children will almost always automatically pass to the other parent who created the children. Anything that is written in the will to the contrary is ignored.

There is also a type of bank account called a “payable on death” account, which has instructions for payment that cannot be modified by a will.