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Can I Revoke my Will?

A will may be revoked by: the writing of a new will (such as when using's free will forms); the physical destroying of the will; or, under certain circumstances of the law.

When a new will is created (digitally, or otherwise), one the important parts of the will is the section which revokes all earlier wills. Also, in some wills, it is possible for the creator of the will to set it up so that certain situations will purposely cause the will to revoke itself.

If a will is fully physically destroyed or obliterated by the creator of the will, then it is considered revoked. It may also be done in the presence of the creator, by their permission.

Changes in family composition after a will is created has been cause for the law to decide upon certain wills to be revoked. This is a good reason to keep a will “matched” to your most recent family composition and situation.