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What is the Process for Changing my Will?

People generally feel nervous about making changes to their will. They are afraid it could be cumbersome, or that it could introduce ambiguity with regards to their wishes. Traditionally, those may have been valid concerns. We all seen drama unfold in television shows, and occasionally in “real life” when there is the case of several versions of wills, and it has to be determined what the testator really wanted to happen. In past, changes to will were usually enacted by a codicil, which is an amendment to your existing will and this approach caused there to be somewhat disconnected sets of documents (that had to be found, and then might not have “read well” in conjunction with the original will). Done properly, the method can work. However, the modern preferred method is to simply generate a completely new will from your stored data, with newly changed information added to the free will forms, and from you will quickly be able to print a new will. The new will declares any older legal will to be revoked, so there is little potential for confusion. The new will that is digitally generated and printed then needs to be signed by you, with 2 witnesses also signing, to make the new will valid.