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Benefits of FreeLawyer.

We understand that estate planning is important to you. We also understand that you have a busy life (don't we all?). That's where Freelawyer comes in. Since 1991, we have been able to help all sorts of people simply get a will completed. For some, the will we enable them to create is something that will be sufficient for their lifetime. For others, our simple approach will be a stopgap measure so that they are covered until they have time to create something more detailed and specific for themselves.

Simply, our philosophy is, don't procrastinate:


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Even if you plan to get a more sophisticated (and more expensive, and more time-consuming) will into place quite soon, we advise that anything can happen. Our wills are FREE (i.e. NO COST to you) and can be quickly created by you. Spend just 15 minutes and get yourself covered now (any new will you create in the future will be structured (normally) to supersede the existing one, and this one will replace any will you have created in the past). Should anything happen to you, your loved ones will not find themselves with your assets frozen, awaiting the probate proceedings to complete. Getting a will established is an act of love for those you leave behind. You don't know when your time will come. Spend 15 minutes to complete this simple, but important task, for you and your loved ones. You will be pleased that you did.

History of FreeLawyer

The founders of, Mark Levey and Mark Wells, had been trying to create wills for themselves, and found the methods available to be time-consuming and overly complicated. Looking at it more closely, they found that there were only a few basic elements that needed to be addressed to get a will in place, and that this service would benefit a great many people who would otherwise likely be dissuaded by the difficulty (and cost!) of the previous methods. They hoped that as a result of their effort, there would be many more people and their families with the protection of a will.

The first software for creating wills was made available from FreeLawyer's predecessor company on a disk, founded in 1991, to be run as a computer application. When the Internet started becoming more broadly used by the public, around about 1995, was created to provide similar capabilities from a web-based application that generated free will forms for anyone to use.

The founders of FreeLawyer strongly believe that the benefits of a basic will should be available, at no cost, to anyone. We believe that a basic level of estate planning should be equally available to all citizens, without the impediment of a huge cost for creating and maintaining a will. FreeLawyer is proud to be able to allow citizens to complete this service, to get a basic level of capability to protect their estate, regardless of their financial strength and sophistication. What we offer will not suit all persons needs, or perhaps for some persons only for a period. For a more sophisticated will, when the time and money avail themselves, the users of our website application should seek legal expertise and assistance to get a will constructed that is perfectly tailored to their needs.