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The founders of, Mark Levey and Mark Wells, had been trying to create legal wills for themselves, and found the methods available to be time-consuming and overly complicated. Looking at it more closely, they found that there were only a few basic elements that needed to be addressed to get free will forms in place, for anyone to use, and that would benefit a great many people who would otherwise likely be dissuaded by the perceived complexity level (and cost!) of the previous methods. They hoped that as a result of their effort, there would be many more people and their families with the very beneficial protection of a legal will.

More company history: The first software solution provided for creating wills was made available from FreeLawyer's predecessor company, founded by our team in 1991. The software was provided on a floppy disk, to be run as a computer application (and, printed on a dot-matrix printer - remember those?!). When the Internet started becoming more broadly used by the public, about 1995, FreeLawyer was created to provide similar capabilities from a web-based application that provided free legal forms.

The founders of FreeLawyer feel that a basic, free (no cost) last will and testament should be available to anyone, and that it should be quick and uncomplicated to create. Also, we feel that a will should easy to maintain, since family situations evolve somewhat regularly (births, deaths, marriages, etc). FreeLawyer provides long term storage and maintenance functionality from a free subscription account (you can also print the will for free, on your own printer). For a more sophisticated will (if ever needed), when the time and money avail themselves, the users of our website application should seek legal expertise and assistance to get a will constructed that is tailored to their increased needs. We can put you in contact with someone who can create that new will, and other estate planning legal documents, when the time is right. The team at FreeLawyer hope that you can get great value from our application. Good luck and thank you for visiting

Disclaimer: Note that nothing on this website should be construed as legal advice and we advise that you obtain legal counsel on any aspects of your estate planning that require a legal opinion.

In case you are wondering how this all got started, here is an abridged history of wills and estate planning: