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Why Should I Create a Will?

When you use to create your last will and testament you are ensuring that your family is protected after you die. Our free will forms allow you to create a simple will distributing your real and personal property after death, name guardians for minor children, and select your Personal Representative (also known as the Executor). Here are some reasons to complete our online will form today:

(1) You determine how your estate is distributed at your death. If you die intestate (without a will), the court determines how your estate is distributed. However, if you create a will you can ensure that your wishes are followed after your death.

(2) You can ensure your minor children are taken care of by a person you trust. One of the most important reasons for creating a last will and testament is to ensure your minor children are taken care of after your death by appointing a guardian. A guardian is the person nominated to have custody of any minor children at the your death. A guardian provides for the minor children’s health, education, and daily needs.

(3) You decide who will ensure your wishes are followed during the probate process. An executor or personal representative is the person nominated to supervise the distribution of your estate during the probate process. The executor is involved in the entire probate process therefore it is important to select someone who you trust and is willing to carry out your wishes.

(4) Minimize the length of the probate process. All wills must be admitted to probate. However, having a valid will speeds up the process and ensures your beneficiaries receive the gifts specified in your will.

(5) You can change your will if your circumstances change. Your will can be changed several times before you die. It is recommended update your will as your life changes. For example, you should update your will if you get married, get divorced, have a child, or change your mind about gifts to beneficiaries.