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Where Do I Store My Will?

It is important that you store your executed will in a safe place. The majority of courts prefer the original copy of your will be admitted to probate. However, a copy of your executed will may be accepted under some circumstances. Here are some suggested places to store your executed will:

1. Fireproof Personal Safe: It is always a good idea to keep copies of your executed will at your home. You should store the original will in a fireproof personal safe to ensure that it is not lost or damaged. If you do keep your original will in a personal safe make sure that your executor knows where it is located and is able to access the safe at your death.

2. Safe Deposit Box: A safe deposit box is also a safe place to keep your original will. You should leave instructions or inform your executor of the location of your safe deposit box. Additionally, you will need to ensure that your executor has access to the safe deposit box at the time of your death.

3. Probate Court: Some jurisdictions allow you to file your will with your local probate court. Your executor can then request a copy of your will after he or she shows proof of your death. If you do keep your will with your local probate court for safekeeping make sure that your executor knows it is with the probate court and if you move to another state you will need to get your original will back from the probate court.

However, if you misplace your executed will you can always log into your account and access the will your created using our online free will forms. If the will is totally lost you can print it out and execute a new copy in the same way as before. It will supersede the previously created will whether, or not, you make any changes to it.