Last Wills Protect Your Family And History

“I dare say this will be the last letter you will receive from me until the war is over, as I am prepared to move to the front at any moment.” --Private Joseph Witchburn of 2nd Battalion The Durham Light Infantry, August 10th, 1914.

Like many heroes of World War I, Private Joseph Witchburn wrote to his loved ones and expressed his Last Will and Testament in case he did not return home. Unfortunately, this Private died from his wounds just one month later on September 14th, 1914. If Private Witchburn had not recorded his last wishes, the family members he wanted to give his property and effects to may not have received them. His will served as a final security blanket to the ones he loved and had to leave behind. Now, his will is one of over 230,000 WWI British soldiers archived for his descendents.

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