Keep The Peace: Avoid Family Feuds

Remember the TV Show “Family Feud”? While we may have fond memories of watching it at home with our family, the actual idea of a family feud can be intensely real, or at the very least an uncomfortable possibility. The vast majority of family members want to keep the peace and avoid major disagreements. Sometimes they can be over small matters involving moving or work; but other tensions can arise over things like cars, guardians, houses or other kinds of property can create a large-scale family feud. Whether incidents like these happened two or twenty years ago, brewing disagreements can explode into lawsuits with the passing of a loved one, like this one: Arguments Begin in a Bitter Family Brawl Over a Media Mogul's Estate.

Create a last will and testament to avoid situations like these and keep the peace in your family even after you’re gone. That way everyone can clearly see your last wishes and how you would like to distribute what you leave behind to your loved ones. It’s your property, it’s your family; get your free online will completed today to avoid the family feud.

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