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What Should I Consider When Choosing a Personal Representative (Executor)?

An executor or personal representative is the person nominated to supervise the distribution of your estate during the probate process. Choosing a suitable executor helps ensure the probate process runs smoothly and that your wishes are honored. In addition to appointing a primary executor, you should also select a secondary executor in the event your primary executor predeceases you. Typically, people select a family member or close friend as their executor. However, before selecting an executor there are a few things to consider.

First, you should select an individual that is familiar with business affairs. Your executor may be required to close bank accounts, pay taxes, collect and pay debts, sell property, or provide accountings for beneficiaries. Second, you should select an executor living in the same city as you because it will be more convenient for the executor to handle your affairs. Third, it is always important to have a discussion with a potential executor prior to selecting that person as the executor in your free online will. Finally, you may want to consider a professional executor, such as a lawyer of accountant, if your estate is large.